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Biographical Dictionary of Frisian immigrants in Whitinsville, Massachusetts and surrounding towns

FrieslandtoWhitinsville Collage.jpg

Sharing personal facts, stories, and photos of the early Dutch migrants to Whitinsville, Massachusetts (and the surrounding towns such as Uxbridge, Douglas, and Sutton). These immigrants were more specifically Frisian (from the province of Friesland), and they carried with them a heritage and a language all their own.

This Dictionary, when complete, will include a listing for every person born in Friesland who came through Whitinsville, Massachusetts and the surrounding area. These people appeared in vital records, census records, city directories and are all connected to the Frisian immigrant heritage of this area.

There are over 1000 people that we will be adding to the Dictionary. We’ll begin by creating a brief narrative including their birth/marriage/death dates and locations, burial location, and names of parents and spouse(s). Over time, we’ll add photos of gravestones, links to census and immigration records, and other relevant documentation.

You can help!

This Dictionary is a wiki. That means you can edit these pages. Add family stories, photos, vital information, collaborate with distant cousins. Click here for more information.